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Being Human 101

Mental Health Education classes for all

"With an ever growing interest in self-help and a burgeoning field of wellness, there is a clear desire for solutions to suffering, but an endless amount of information that leaves us feeling overwhelmed and incomplete." 


Meet Our Founder
Lauren Gargano, LCSW

A licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice, Lauren saw a need for mental health education for all. Her classes provide long overdue accessible mental health education, providing concepts that can be easily integrated into daily life for more ease and success. 


In today's society, when obstacles arise, the focus lies on addressing the symptom. But for meaningful relief and resolve, a focus beyond the surface is needed to get to the root.

Mental health education begins with learning a simple blueprint, a blueprint for being human. A set of ideas that explains how we develop as humans, and how this impacts our relationships to ourselves, others and the world. Through learning and experiencing this blueprint, one can understand the root and overcome any obstacle, allowing for more ease and success in life.


Our five different classes provide the basics of how we develop as humans, and how our development impacts our relationships to ourselves, others and the world. Each class teaches one of these and how to integrate concepts into daily life.

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