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A New Approach
Mental health education for all  
At Being Human 101, we empower individuals and organizations through providing accessible and comprehensive mental health education, helping them navigate challenges as individuals and as structures. By addressing obstacles at their core as opposed to ineffective quick fixes, and equipping individuals and organizations with concepts that seamlessly integrate into everyday, we facilitate authentic and structural growth unlocking full potential and leading to greater ease, happiness and success.

Blueprint of Being Human
This journey of mental health education begins by grasping the fundamental framework of human existence - the blueprint for being human. It encompasses a set of concepts that elucidate our development as individuals and how it shapes our relationships with ourselves and others. Through subtle but meaningful adjustments, the blueprint for being human equips us with the means to comprehend the underlying factors contributing to any obstacle, moving beyond mere symptom management that is easily applicable to all aspects of life.

Accessible Approach
All obstacles ultimately stem from a handful of issues within the human system. By peering beyond the surface and addressing the root cause we can achieve lasting relief and resolution. Being Human 101 offers a simplified approach to what can otherwise be an overwhelming process of navigating life. Through different classes covering different topics, individuals are guided to identify what truly needs attention and provide actionable steps to address it effectively. 

About the Founder 
Being Human 101 is founded by Lauren Gargano, a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), a seasoned psychoanalytic psychotherapist, and a supervisor in private practice for over fifteen years. Gargano is driven to democratize access to mental health education through empowering individuals and organizations with knowledge and education that profoundly shapes their perspective and interactions with themselves and society, helping them achieve the life, career, and relationships they aspire to. 

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