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Taught by founder, Lauren Gargano, LCSW, all classes include instruction and group discussion. A lively, communal environment allows for material to come alive, and for attendees to integrate information for everyday application.    

The Blueprint 
his introductory course outlines the blueprint for being human, setting forth ideas that explain how we develop as humans, and how this impacts our relationships to ourselves, others and the world.  This course lays the foundation for your understanding of the human system and explains how it can benefit you to understand it. 2 hours.

Understanding You

A deeper dive into understanding yourself, and those around you. Learn how the mind develops, and how development impacts current functioning. 3 hours.

*Participation in the Introductory course is required for attendance.

Understanding Relationships 

In this course you'll learn how relationships form, how they transform over time, and what allows for healthy and happy relationships. 3 hours.

*Participation in the Introductory course and the Part 1 course are required for attendance.

Understanding Our World 

Learn how the blueprint applies to understanding our world. What drives us as a society?  How do we make sense of our world and the issues we face? Why is our climate on the decline? Why are our politics so tense? Why is drug use on the rise? Why are there tensions between classes and races? And, what can you do to minimize the impact these issues have on you, while learning ways to help enact a positive change in our society? 2 hours.

*Participation in the Introductory course is required for attendance.

A Deeper Dive

We take a closer look at one of the issues facing most of us today, and use the blueprint to help us understand and better navigate it. We will hone in on what is underneath the surface of the issue, and what to do about it.  Topics include dating, money, aging, climate change, political structures and more. 2 hours.

*Participation in the Introductory course is required for attendance.



Classes are currently being offered as a series to any group of individuals or organizations in need of the benefits of mental health education. These include businesses (employees, managers, and C-level professionals), educators, school administrators and students, professional or personal associations and clubs, families, friends, and many others. 

For questions or to have Being Human 101 brought to you, please visit our Contact page.

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